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Harvest Church

Feb 24, 2019

When we think more like Christ, we will find freedom from so many of the things that hold us down, especially comparing ourselves to others. By Pastor Shawn Lyons. 

Feb 17, 2019

As long as we refuse to forgive, we will be held captive by our own unforgiveness. But fullness of freedom comes by extending the forgiveness we receive from God to others. By Pastor Shawn Lyons. 

Feb 10, 2019

Thankfulness leads to light, to joy, and to strength. Unthankfulness can pull us in the opposite direction. By Pastor Shawn Lyons. 

Feb 3, 2019

Every word of God is truth, it is righteous, and it is light. If we follow God, we cannot walk in darkness, we must stay in the light. By Pastor Shawn Lyons.