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Harvest Church

Dec 26, 2021

God's power and angels do not just tip the odds in our favor. If God is with us, no opposition stands any chance at all! By Pastor David Grimm. 

Dec 19, 2021

When God speaks to us, our effectiveness, fruitfulness and blessing are not determined by whether or not we hear Him, but by whether or not we act upon His words. When we listen to God's direction we will walk into the fullness of His plan for our lives. By Pastor Nate Fazekas.

Dec 12, 2021

The power available to God's people is revealed when we trust in Him and follow His direction. By Pastor Shawn Lyons.

Dec 5, 2021

There comes a time when we need to let go of fear, uncertainty, or what we were used to and stand up and do a new thing that God has appointed for us. By Pastor Shawn Lyons.

Nov 28, 2021

The power of God, the plan of God, and the hope of God are all conclusively demonstrated in one awe inspiring word. Resurrection. Everything about our present and future hinges upon life from the dead. What we do today and why we live if bold fearlessness of the future is because of resurrection power. By Pastor George...