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Harvest Church

Aug 29, 2021

The word truth means reality, or the way things really are. God sees everything and knows without question how things really are. When He declares something is true, that is how it really is.  And we will find true peace and power when we align our lives to the truth, instead of trying fabricate truth to suit us. By...

Aug 26, 2021

When we know who is with us, we do not need to be afraid of who is against us! By Pastor Shawn Lyons.

Aug 22, 2021

The truth has the power to set us free but in order to receive freedom we must receive the words of truth and put them into action. By Pastor Shawn Lyons. 

Aug 19, 2021

When we have a genuine commitment to God, it will compel us to change.  If we will draw near to God, He will change our hearts. He then empowers us to change our minds. By Pastor Shawn Lyons.

Aug 15, 2021

Jesus said He would never leave us or forsake us. You do not walk alone. No matter what comes, do not forget who is with you! By Pastor Shawn Lyons.