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Harvest Church

Dec 26, 2022

No matter how big the burden or how long it has weighed you down, God is able to bring absolute victory, once and for all. By Pastor George Konetes.

Dec 18, 2022

Jesus was called "God with us". And He promised that He would never leave us or forsake us. That He would be with us always. And no matter what comes, He is with us. By Pastor Chris Ahacic.

Dec 11, 2022

God's Words will stand against every lie, attack, and discouragement that rises against us. When distractions and deceptions try to get you off course, let the strength of God's Word stir you to victory. By Pastor Shawn Lyons. 

Dec 4, 2022

Distractions and lies will try to pull us away from the power and truth of God's Word. But there is endless strength and ability available to us from the Almighty if we will believe. By Pastor Shawn Lyons. 

Dec 1, 2022

God desires to steer the course of our lives towards good, both here and now and in the fullness of eternal life. By Pastor Shawn Lyons.