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Harvest Church

Nov 27, 2022

Victory flows from the hand of God. His words are truth. His presence is peace. He has no regard for what man considers impossible. If God is with us, what can oppose us? By Pastor Shawn Lyons. 

Nov 20, 2022

When we believe God, we will take action for God, and receive the full plan of God! Trusting His words opens the door for the impossible. By Pastor Shawn Lyons.

Nov 13, 2022

Our integrity flows from our faith and bears witness to our faith. When God's power produces results in our lives, it is visible to others! By Pastor Shawn Lyons.

Nov 6, 2022

God calls us to a different life, to stand for different things, and to have different experiences than the rest of the world. It may not always be easy, but it is a good life because He is a good father. By Pastor Shawn Lyons.