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Harvest Church

Apr 30, 2023

The power of the Gospel does not take effect and help us just because we heard it. Something needs to be mixed with it to produce life changing transformation and more! By Pastor Shawn Lyons.

Apr 23, 2023

The life changing power of Jesus can transform the hardest most hate filled person into a chosen vessel for God's work and glory. By Pastor Shawn Lyons.

Apr 20, 2023

In the world we will find trouble, difficulty, and worse. But we can live in true peace despite these things because of Jesus. By Pastor Shawn Lyons.

Apr 16, 2023

Jesus prayed to the Father and He sent us ANOTHER Helper, the counselor, the Holy Spirit of God to help us, lead us, and enable us to accomplish God's plan in this world. By Pastor Shawn Lyons.

Apr 13, 2023

God's power and ability exceeds every thought that could enter into our mind to cause us fear, distress, or hopelessness. There is nothing He cannot make right. By Pastor Shawn Lyons.